A Eulogy for Toby Peach – Toby Peach

A Truthful Existence – Isabel Amber

An Awkward Excuse – Sian Clarke

Baby Got Options – Paloma Oakenfold

Broken Fairytales – Joanne Amaral

Black Waterside – Jude Cowan Montague

Blown – Holly Bodmer

Bound Feet Blues – Yang-May Ooi

Cuts in Communication, Words and Images – Dan Collier

Dead Rabbits – Patricia Holden

Finding Nancy – Debbie Yearsley

Pirate Poe RedTree’s Guerrilla Poetry – Stephen Ross

Doris and the Hawks – Katie-Anna Whiting

Genealogy: the Musical. – Megan Cherie Owens

Genius & Lust – James Hodgson

Gulliver, tourist time traveller – Michaël Vidon  **Edinburgh Fringe 2014**

Horatio & Me – Lettie Mckie

I’ll BE THERE NOW… in a minute – Susan Kingman

Induction – Cecilia Gell

Life in a Film – Melanie Eden **Edinburgh Fringe 2012**

Minor – Lucy Soutter

Narrow Tastes – Rose Martinez

The Anti-Social Network – Paula VarJack **Edinburgh Fringe 2013**

The Cobbler of Kerala – Clair Whitefield

The Resurrection of Geri Gold – Geraldine Brennan **Edinburgh Fringe 2012**

The Splendor is not the One That Dazzles – Carole Swan

The Time of My Life – Lindsay Schusman

The Way I Wear My Hair – Rachael Young

The Widows – Pat Holden

Virgin Mary – Geraldine Brennan

VIVA DIASPORA! – Chris Savage King **Edinburgh Fringe 2012**

Walnut – Kate Ascott-Evans

We All Love Lamas – Joshua Seigal **Edinburgh Fringe 2012**

We Are All Orange Ghosts – Dan Simpson  **Edinburgh Fringe 2013**

Widow – Annabel Bashford **Edinburgh Fringe 2014**

Year of the Geek – Dan Simpson **Edinburgh Fringe 2014**

Guests & Collaborators

Janice Perry: Naked at the Met – Janice Perry

Chastity Butterworth – Gemma Whelan

The Tragic and Lamentable Tale of Pyramus and Thisbe – Tim Skelton

Juliet’s Balcony – Constanza Ruff & Jens Peters (Knot Theory Theatre)

The Voyages of Captian Ridley – Part 6: Alone in the Wilderness – Yann Allsopp

Big C, little C – India Crawford (Swept Up Theatre)

4 Letter Words – Frieda Love , Samantha Blaney, Ben Elsey (Bens Pens) & Judas Zero

Beck is Not Here – Ben Elsey (Bens Pens), Tom Loffill, Owen Duff & Alex Jeffery

Tower of Amethyst – Robert Gotti

Constanza Ruff & Jens Peters – Knot Theory Theatre

DOM – Selina Mosinski & Daniel Hunt (Dirty Shade)

Simultaneously – Priit Ruttas