The Minutes is a collection of minute-long audio podcasts created and curated by The Centre For Solo Performance exploring and celebrating the potential and diversity of aural performance.

We are currently looking for others to join us in this journey by creating and sharing with us their monologues, live artworks, spoken words, songs, essays, jokes, commentary, haikus, loud breathings and anything else we can catch on a microphone in 60 seconds.

We’re interested in anything audio. The only rules are:

  • The work must be original.
  • The work must be between 50-60 seconds in duration.

It’s a great way to hone your performance skills, share your work, and learn more about this medium and how it can be used by the live performer to expand their practice or create promotional material for an existing show.

If you are interested in joining us on this adventure you can submit your own 60 seconds to us via email. All we need from you is the following:

  • An audio file between 50-60secs. 
  • An image 
  • A brief description of the work
  • A short bio (with any contact details you wish to include website, facebook, twitter, etc) 

Email these to us at

If accepted we will format your audio we will add it as an episode to our podcast stream. This process can take a few weeks but we will notify you when your episode has gone live.

You will retain full rights to your work.