Performance Prompts is a series of drop-in in workshops exploring ways of creation for writers, actors, directors, live artists, dancers, choreographers, photographers, singers and anyone with an unrealised creative urge.

Each week a different exercise will help the creative juices flow.

Workshops led by Sean Bruno and Luke Dixon.

Sean and Luke’s acclaimed ‘Creating Solo Performance’ is published by Routledge.

More information from:
07952 960424

Workshops take place:
Saturdays 11am – 2pm
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
£15 for each workshop
Workshop detail and booking information listed below.

10th February
Creating Monologues 
This practical workshop will guide participants through several fun approaches to generating story ideas and transforming them into original and engaging monologues. Perfect for performers interested in developing their storytelling and devising skills.

17th February
A million ways to tell a story 
This monologue / storytelling workshop will challenge participants to think about stories in new ways as they learn simple techniques to reshape familiar stories into something new and original. A playful way to experiment with story structure, explore style, and discover new ways of sharing a story.

24th February
Characters and their stories 

In this workshop, participants will learn techniques for quickly creating three-dimensional characters and getting them to tell their own unique and engaging stories. Great for performers looking for ways to generate new – or develop an existing -performance or story ideas.

10th March
Family stories
This workshop explores ways of using personal and family stories to create performance. It may be that you want to recount things that have happened to you, whether mundane or magnificent, or you may want to explore family history, where recent or in the long-forgotten past. For those writing epic plays to those devising solo performances, and everyone in between.

17th March
Perambulatory  performances
Discover and invent ways of taking an audience, literally, on a journey. We’ll look at creating and structuring an event in which the audience is led from one location to another, using scripts, maps and event voices on mobile phones. An introduction to new ways of making site-specific work, including digital ones.

24th March
Voices from history
An opportunity to find ways of using historical characters and events to make performance. These can be from the distant past to the recent past, famous or little known. We’ll look at ways of researching and imagining, and the transformation of found material in living theatre.