What participants have said about the Creating Solo Performance workshops:

The course enabled me to share work in a fully supportive environment and gave me the confidence to actually start producing work again – after having had over a year of no clue what to do with any ideas of work. The course made me enjoy and want to work creatively again and continue this beyond the 6 week period.

I felt my piece was genuinely listened to and my own unique style celebrated and encouraged.

I surprised myself at the amount of material generated in such a small amount of time; we were given the tools, freedom and encouragement to transform a seedling of an idea into some material I now feel I can begin to really work with.

I was given delicate and truthful feedback that really improved the end result. I was gently pushed along at a much quicker pace than I’d usually mosey along at and I really valued the input that was given, I always found it to be spot on. I couldn’t recommend the course highly enough, I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

I developed plenty of new material but what I gained more importantly was confidence in the material. The belief that other people want to hear this story

It really kick-started me. I had had my idea for several years now but had been floundering around and not getting anywhere. This course really helped to focus me, it gave me momentum, structure and support.

Life-changing, transforming, inspirational, rewarding and tremendous fun!

A great support for anyone testing the waters of solo performance.

Supportive and open to diverse styles and approaches to performance, very tailor made to what ideas those attending brought.

I liked the friendly informal supportive atmosphere facilitated by the tutors. I liked that people from very different backgrounds could all use the framework of the course to create shows.

Solo performance explained, encouraged and envisaged.

The weekly deadline and the exploratory tasks to do in between the classes helped me move forward on a creative project.

The small group with two tutors’ attention some of the time meant there was time for extensive feedback.

It was delightful to hear from so many different kinds of creative artists and enjoy their work in an intimate setting, and see the different approaches people took to the same task.

I felt very nurtured by the weekly contact.